About Us

About Us

Mission & Vision of H2.O Alkaline

The mission and vision of H2.O Alkaline Store, a Health, Wealth & Wellness Business Concept, is to provide a higher level of awareness of a healthier lifestyle by drinking healthy water and using healthy products. We aim to become a full service retail outlet that offers consumers not only ionized alkaline water, but also natural, high quality health products – all for better health and wellness.

H2.O Alkaline is an environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible store with one goal in mind: To help you become healthier by providing you healthy water and other high quality health-related products. We founded our company on the belief that, with this vision and mission, we can help to change the world – particularly your health – for the better!

About our Water Alkaline Ionizers

We believe our machines to be one of the finest water alkaline ionizers. As a reputable distributor of these products, we are proud to be family-owned and operated. We are grateful to our many customers for recognizing our efforts to provide the best service at honest, fair prices.

Drinking water from our water alkaline ionizers promotes good health with its superior hydration, mineralization, oxygenation and cellular detoxification. Our ionizers use a series of internal and external filtration systems and the finest-quality platinum-coated titanium plates, to create alkaline ionized water with the highest anti-oxidant potential in the industry.

About our Technology

Our manufacturer’s research engineers and hydrologists continuously upgrade and design the most advanced alkaline ionized water systems. Our machines feature cutting-edge technology as a result of our non-stop research for technological superiority. The water ionizers we offer have exclusive innovations as high-definition circuitry and quadruple levels of amperage delivery. Our manufacturers do not stop imagining newer innovations in order to remain ahead of the next technological advancement.

Our alkaline water ionizers are designed in the USA, and manufactured in South Korea, with some components from Japan. Every unit that is delivered into the USA goes through a thorough quality-control process to ensure compliance and high performance. We feel this provides the highest quality and the best value to our clients.

We at H2.O Alkaline thank you for your patronage!

Better Water, Better Health, Better You!